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6 Factors the Court Considers in Child Custody Cases

Going through a child custody dispute is extremely difficult. We get it. Relationships don’t always end well, and co-parenting is hard to do, especially if you have an ex with mental health issues or a controlling personality. The Court’s goal in a custody dispute is to determine what is in the best interest of the […]
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5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Everything doesn’t always work out. It is part of life. If you are preparing for a divorce and looking at the often overwhelming list of divorce attorneys in your area, it can be hard to ensure you making the right choice for you. After all, no divorce is cheap, and you want to hire someone […]
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5 Tips to Prepare for a Custody Battle

Whether you're a mother or a father, preparing for a custody battle is emotional and exhausting. Parenting is hard on any relationship. Let alone on parents who are no longer in a relationship. There is a lot to consider when trying to come up with an agreement between co-parents on how to raise a child […]
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Best Divorce & Custody Advice (Ever)

For family law attorneys like us, we get paid to fight. To fight for you. To fight for what is right. But the best advice we can give you during a child custody or divorce does not make us any money and saves you far more than dollars and cents. It saves you time, chaos, […]
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Holiday Co-Parenting with a Scrooge? Tips for Dealing with Takers in Your Life

Co-parenting with a difficult parent during the holidays is dreadful. There are a number of reasons a co-parent can be difficult, be it narcissism or just being a Scrooge. To simplify it, we will classify this co-parent as the “Taker.” Takers are characterized by those who never work with you no matter how much you […]
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Level-Up Your Holiday Co-Parenting

Holidays are a time of giving, tradition, and spending time with family. When you are co-parenting during these times, an unwilling co-parent can make things stressful.  Rebekkah J. Mouw with Harris Law & Co., gives you 3 ways to “Level-Up” your co-parenting traditions this holiday season with her newest article. Level 1 – Compromise Time […]
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Buzz Word Series: Custody Evaluations When Abuse is Present

From our Buzz Word Series, we know how important it is to “back up” any statements of abuse so that the Court takes your claim seriously. Now that we know the different types of abuse and how those patterns can affect divorce and custody cases, it is time to discuss how we actually prove (or […]
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Buzz Word Series: Are You Stuck in a Pattern of Abuse?

Abuse comes in many different forms and looks different in every situation. Once you understand the different types of abuse (check out part 1 of the Buzz Word Series), it is time to determine what pattern of abuse Mr. or Mrs. Wonderful has you in. More importantly, we are looking at categories that your attorney […]
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Buzz Word Series: Abuse & Narcissism in Divorce & Custody Cases

One of my first contentious divorce cases dealt with a gentleman we will call Mr. Wonderful. He held a respectable position in the government while his wife left a position after college to have their child and stay at home to care for their child. Other than my personal experiences with abusive narcissists, this was […]
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How Does the Court Know What Is in the Best Interest of My Child?

You made your children. Made them. From scratch. Now, you are in a custody dispute with your ex and disagree on what is best for your child. This time is stressful enough but is even more stressful if you do not understand the process.  So, how do Courts have the authority to even determine how, […]
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