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Marrying Your Best Friend? You Still Need a Prenup. Here’s Why!

We have all heard reasons why an engaged couple does not need a prenup. “They’re happy and in love. There is no way they will ever get divorced.” The ending of a marriage can’t always be predicted (especially before it begins), and none of us has a crystal ball. While the happy couple may canoodle as though […]
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6 Factors the Court Considers in Child Custody Cases

Going through a child custody dispute is extremely difficult. We get it. Relationships don’t always end well, and co-parenting is hard to do, especially if you have an ex with mental health issues or a controlling personality. The Court’s goal in a custody dispute is to determine what is in the best interest of the […]
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Paternity 101

Families are becoming less and less defined by tradition, which means the number of children born outside of a marriage are increasing.  When a child is born outside of a marriage, there are different legal rights and presumptions that apply. How paternity is established is one of these differences between children born to a married […]
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PO Series: 2 Types of Protection Orders

If you are considering filing a protection order or want to learn more about the process, be sure to read our entire 4 article series. So, what is a protection order?  Protection orders are used to protect a person from harm from another person. Protection orders are legally enforceable and carry criminal implications if violated. […]
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PO Series: Think Twice – Protection Orders in Divorce and Custody Disputes

Protection orders in divorce and custody cases can be a dangerous weapon that may hit the target or backfire horrendously. Today, we are going to discuss how to ensure you are using protection orders appropriately. To learn more about what protection orders are and how to obtain and enforce them, check out our other articles […]
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PO Series: How to Enforce Protection Orders

Applying for and obtaining a protection order is a process and does not happen overnight. Although temporary protection orders may go into place immediately, there is still a court process to keep that order in place. Check out our other articles for more information on how to obtain a protection order and what your day […]
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PO Series: A Day in Court

Filing for a Protection Order is stressful. No one likes to be put in the position where they need the courts and law enforcement officers to help protect them from someone who was once a part of their life. One way to help reduce your stress and anxiety is to understand the process and what […]
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5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney

Everything doesn’t always work out. It is part of life. If you are preparing for a divorce and looking at the often overwhelming list of divorce attorneys in your area, it can be hard to ensure you making the right choice for you. After all, no divorce is cheap, and you want to hire someone […]
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Cohabitation Agreements – Protecting Both Partners

You and your significant other may be moving in together and busy unpacking. Maybe you’ve been living together for a while and everything is peas and carrots. We all know things may not always go the way we hope. So, how do you protect yourselves and each other if things go awry? If you’ve been […]
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Co-Parenting During COVID-19

Is COVID Affecting Your Parenting Time? Many co-parents are asking the question. What do you do with your current parenting plan under stay at home orders? How do you split time during a pandemic? What is best to keep your children safe during this time? What if your co-parent isn’t on the same page? We […]
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