Level-Up Your Holiday Co-Parenting

Rebekkah J. Mouw, JD
Children Opening Gift Level-Up Co-Parenting

Holidays are a time of giving, tradition, and spending time with family. When you are co-parenting during these times, an unwilling co-parent can make things stressful.  Rebekkah J. Mouw with Harris Law & Co., gives you 3 ways to “Level-Up” your co-parenting traditions this holiday season with her newest article.

  • Level 1 – Compromise Time
  • Level 2 – Gift Giving
  • Level 3 – Share Time Together

The need to Level-Up is simple: a child functions best in an emotionally healthy environment. In a time so focused on giving and family, the best gift you can give your child is a united front. Show your child that they are the single most important part of the co-parenting relationship.

Parents may only be comfortable with compromising time with the other parent. Joint efforts at gift giving or giving back is a great place to come together as co-parents. Or, if you are feeling really comfortable, coming together as whole blended families for a meal or holiday festival.

If your co-parent is not on the same page, you can still model healthy behavior for your child. Set healthy boundaries, enforce them, and still try to level-up on your end. This is the best way to model healthy co-parenting for your child.

To read Rebekkah’s full article and get more specific tips on how to Level-Up, check out our Get Educated section.

If you’re dealing with a difficult co-parent and need to solidify your holiday time, book a consultation with us now. Call 605-777-1772. Happy Holidays!

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