Best Divorce & Custody Advice (Ever)

Rebekkah J. Mouw, JD
Divorce and Custody Advice

For family law attorneys like us, we get paid to fight. To fight for you. To fight for what is right. But the best advice we can give you during a child custody or divorce does not make us any money and saves you far more than dollars and cents. It saves you time, chaos, and sanity. Our best advice:  PICK YOUR BATTLES.

Easier said than done. Right? Divorce and custody proceedings are full of emotional chaos and impossible decisions. Making decisions is not always easy. As your guide, our team always discusses the process and relevant laws with you. Then, we lay out your options. Sometimes what is “right” or what the other party is “supposed to do” does not happen. Although pursuing what is “right” is not always your best option, going to war is easier than choosing peace. For some clients, the fighting feels good and who can blame them? Divorce and custody matters are hard. They tug at the very nucleus of our emotions – family, finances, and personal struggles. But you must realize this fight comes at a cost, roughly $225 to $325 an hour to be exact.

You need to decide what is worth pursuing and what is not. Your attorney should guide you through this process. A GREAT attorney is not always going to agree with you. They are going to have you think about your course of action and tell you when they think you are making the wrong call. Regardless, it is your call to make.

No divorce or custody case is 100% the same. Each case provides different circumstances to consider when making these tough calls. When you are ready for a fighter both inside and outside of the courtroom, give us a call at 605-777-1772. We will help you pick the RIGHT battles.

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