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Do you have a furry family member? We do! We love our furry family members and do what we can to ensure they have safe and loving homes. Almost Home Canine Rescue is a nonprofit that is near and dear to our hearts. They are dedicated to assisting, rescuing, fostering, and providing a lifetime of love and care for unwanted, homeless, abused, or neglected animals. Almost Home Canine Rescue is run 100% by passionate volunteers. 

If you would like to learn more about Almost Home Canine Rescue, whether to volunteer or consider adopting a furry family member, reach out to them at Then, follow our Facebook page and be sure to check in every other Friday to see photos of animals that need loving homes and updates on adoptions.  Together, we can help ensure that every pet has a safe place to call home.

*This blog is for general informational purposes and is not intended to give legal advice. Please consult with an attorney about your situation.

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