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Estate Planning Educational Resources

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Wills and Trusts

  • Leave An Impact: Invest in Your Estate Planning
  • How Do You Choose the Right Trustee? - Use Our Helpful Checklist
  • Is Your Plan Funded?
  • Is It Time to Review Your Planning? - Take Our Quiz
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Advanced Estate Planning

  • New Baby, Need a Will?
  • Planning for Special Needs FAQs
  • The Ultimate Tax-Cutting Power Tool
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Business and Corporate

  • What's in a Name? - Entity Selection
  • Do You Need Title Insurance?
  • LLC Advantages
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Probate and Trust Administration

  • Trust Administration vs. Probate
  • Probate 101 - Wait, My Will Goes Through Probate?
  • How to Write an Obituary
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Elder Law and Medicaid

  • Medicaid Maze 1: The Background
  • Medicaid Maze 2: The Basics
  • Medicaid Maze 3: Spousal Limits
  • Medicaid Maze 4: Spenddown
  • Medicaid Maze 5: Planning Strategies
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