What the New Year Means for Your Tax Bill (1 Minute)

It’s that time of year again … (no, not the time when we decide what sparkly top or tie we want to wear on new year’s…mine is gold and will …

Minor's Trust

Stop Putting Your Children’s Money into Savings: The Power of a Minor’s Trust

Putting your child’s money or gifts into a savings account is LOSING them money. Money that could be used for college, trade school, their first car, a down payment on …

Special Needs Trust

FAQ: Special Needs Trusts

Planning for a loved one with a disability or special needs takes extra care and precaution. You want to ensure their needs are met and they are well-cared for, but …

Do I Need a Will or Trust?

Regardless of income level or assets, everyone can benefit from having a trust or will. Having something in place, especially during this time of unpredictability and rapid change, brings peace …

Santa Reading List

Is the IRS on the Naughty or Nice List?

It is that time of year again. No, not the time we all start thinking about our January workout schedule (my mother’s banana bread is worth every step on that …

Hospital Room

2 Shapes and Sizes of Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorneys come in all shapes and sizes. Making sure yours “fits” is essential to ensuring your loved ones have the tools they need to stay out of the courtroom.

DIY Tools

Things You Do Not Do: DIY Legal Docs

You won’t cut your own bangs, but you’ll copy and paste binding legal documents…cool. Let me know how that goes.

Man Signing an Agreement for Funding

Your Trust Is Only as Good as Your “Funding”

What is funding? If you completed your trust or will and you do not know what “funding” is, then odds are your plan will not work as intended (or even at all) when life changing events occur.